I have had the privilege of knowing Mathew Frank for several years.  I am the person who wrote the write-up on this page.

I sat with his family yesterday and just tried to be there for them.  They are so proud of the man he had become and were amazed and honored by the outpouring of support online and by the local news agencies.  We thank you all.

I know we all want to know what happened but we do not want to speculate.  In reality, it does not really matter.  What we do know is that he was always careful and was never distracted while driving.  As with most “calls”, he grabbed his gear and ran out the door.

His only concern was getting his community the best information.  Unlike what most people expect, he didn’t care about his post’s comments and rarely even ready them.  He just did not need his ego stroked in any way.  As soon as he would make one post, his only concern was getting to the next one.

Mathew will surely be missed.  We will inform everyone of the time/place where we can all come together and honor his life.

— Anonymous